May 13, 2009

Continuent is Joining the Open Database Alliance

Maybe it's a sense of shared adversity, but recent MySQL meetings have had this "we're all in it together" feeling. Today Monty Widenius announced the Open Database Alliance: the community feeling is starting to look like a real business entity.

The Open Database Alliance is appealing at multiple levels. First, it's good for the companies that join--a steadier flow of business and ability to offer bigger solutions by combining with partners. Second, it's good for users: first rate software, services, and support without vendor lock-in. Third, the parties are going to be excellent.

Sometimes you have to think hard before signing up for partnerships. But this one looks like a no-brainer. Count us in!

p.s., Stay tuned for Tungsten certification against MariaDB. If you have tried the Tungsten Replicator already with MariaDB, please post your experiences on the Tungsten Replicator Forum.