Dec 12, 2010

Interested in Sponsoring Tungsten Open Source Features?

Over the last few months I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of people using open source builds of Tungsten.  My company, Continuent, has therefore started to offer support for open source users and will likely expand these services to meet demand.

There have also been a number of requests to add specific features to open source builds, especially for replication. We have added a few already but are now considering pushing even more features into open source if we can find sponsors.  These add to a number of great features already in open source like global transaction IDs, MySQL 5.0/5.1, basic drizzle replication, transaction filtering, and many others. 

Do you have special replication or clustering features you would like to see added to Tungsten? Specialized MySQL to PostgreSQL replication?  Management and monitoring commands?  Cool parallel replication problems?  High-performance logging?  Weird multi-master topologies?  Talk to us about sponsoring new open source features.  We're happy to do projects that solve interesting problems, benefit the open source databases community, and help grow Tungsten as a product. 

Visit the Continuent website or send email directly to robert dot hodges at continuent dot com.