Sep 19, 2008

Tungsten Replicator 1.0 Alpha Is Released

The 1.0 Alpha of Tungsten Replicator is out. Actually it's been out since Tuesday but it's been a busy week. Binary downloads are available here.

The Alpha release offers basic statement replication for MySQL 5.0 on Linux, Solaris, MacOSX, and Windows platforms. The setup is very simple, and there are procedures for master failover as well as performing consistency checks. If you work at it, you'll find bugs. That's a promise, not a threat. Please log them in the project JIRA. We gladly accept feature requests, too.

Meanwhile, the beta version is in development. Among other nice features we will offer support for user-written SQL event extractors and appliers, MySQL row replication support, lots of testing, and much more.


Max Mohave said...
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Max Mohave said...

We are working with MySQL replication. On our network, replication, like scp transfers data at about 17kbs. But if we use wget (with HTTP) we get transfers of nearly 1.0mps.

Can someone tell me the underlying protocol that both MySQL and Tungsten use to transfer data?


Robert Hodges said...

Tungsten and MySQL slaves contact the master using TCP/IP connections. Most traffic is downstream to the slave.

What you describe may indicate some asymmetry in network transfer. It's possible you have a host in half-duplex mode, a problem with a network switch, or a host is having hardware problems. These are the sorts of things I would look at first.