Jun 17, 2009

Lots of New Tungsten Builds--Get 'Em While They're Hot

There is a raft of new Tungsten open source builds available for your replication and clustering pleasure. Over the last couple of days we uploaded new binary builds for Tungsten Replicator, Tungsten Connector, Tungsten Monitor, and Tungsten SQL Router. These contain the features described in my previous blog article, including even more bug fixes (36 on Tungsten Replicator alone) than I had expected as we had a debugging fest over the last few days that knocked off a bunch of issues. You can pick up the builds on the Tungsten download page. Docs are posted on the Tungsten wiki.

If you have questions, see problems with the builds, or just want to tell us how great they are, please post on the community forums or on the tungsten-discuss mailing list.

Our next open source release will be the Tungsten Manager, which is long overdue to join the family of regular builds. We are doing some polishing work on the state machine processing and group communications, after which the Manager will go out along with documentation on how to use it.


in10d said...

It's great that you provide link to docs on wiki, but it generally sucks that this wiki requires HTTP authentication.

Robert Hodges said...

Oops! That was just a bad link. It should be fixed now.

Thomas said...

What is the roadmap for the Postgres support for replicator & router?

The documentation only describes MySQL...

Robert Hodges said...

Hi Thomas,

We are working on PostgreSQL support now. However, the replication will be commercial--we will be offering management of WAL shipping/PITR as well as Londiste in Tungsten clusters. By commercial I mean licensed, though at a very reasonable price.

The SQL Router will be certified against PostgreSQL as well. That will be fully open source, which means do-it-yourselfers can use it for clustering.

Look for a release during July--it's moving forward very quickly.

Cheers, Robert