Sep 5, 2009

Tungsten Replicator 1.0.3 Release

Tungsten Replicator version 1.0.3 is now released and available as a download from Source Forge. Tungsten Replicator provides advanced, platform-independent replication for MySQL 5.0/5.1 with global transaction IDs, crash-safe slaves, flexible filtering, and built-in consistency checking. The 1.0.3 release adds backup and restore, which I described in a previous blog article.

In addition, there are numerous small feature editions and some great bug fixes that raise performance and stability for large-scale deployment. For example, the replicator now goes online in seconds even when there are millions of rows in the history table. This fixes our previous go-online performance which was, er, pretty slow. Thanks to our users in the Continuent forums for helping us to track down this problem as well as several others.

As of the 1.0.3 release we are also starting to offer the enterprise documentation for the open source replicator. I think this provides better documentation all around, not least of all because we can do a better job of maintaining a single copy. Get current replicator documentation here.

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