Oct 31, 2009

Replicating from MySQL to Drizzle and Beyond

Drizzle is one of the really great pieces of technology to emerge from the MySQL diaspora--a lightweight, scalable, and pluggable database for web applications. I am therefore delighted that Marcus Erikkson has published a patch to Tungsten that allows replication from MySQL to Drizzle. He's also working on implementing Drizzle-to-Drizzle support, which will be very exciting.

Marcus has submitted the patch to us and I have reviewed the code. It's quite supportable, so I plan to integrate it as soon as we are done with our next Tungsten release, which will post around 5 November. You will be able to build and run it using our new community builds.

This brings up a question--what about replicating from MySQL to PostgreSQL? What about other databases? I get the PostgreSQL replication question fairly often but it may be a while before our in-house team can implement plug-in support for it. Anybody want to submit a patch in the meantime? Post in the Tungsten forums if you have ideas and need help to get the work done. Tungsten Replicator code is very modular and it is not hard to add new database support.

Meanwhile, go Marcus!!

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