Apr 2, 2011

O'Reilly Conference Tungsten Talks and Some Welcome Open Source Progress

The O'Reilly MySQL 2011 conference is coming up fast.  It should be a good conference as it covers the increasingly diverse MySQL community and MySQL alternatives very well.   As usual, there are some painful choices about which talks to attend.  I'm doing two talks myself that I hope you have on your list:
  • Curing Replication Deprivation with Tungsten -- A tutorial together with my colleague Ed Archibald.  It covers everything you ever wanted to know about how to use parallel replication, handle multi-master/multi-source, replication to PostgreSQL/Oracle, etc.  We will have a short section at the end about how to build full clusters with Tungsten Enterprise.   Giuseppe Maxia is threatening to join and do some of his famous demos.  Apparently doing a tutorial on replication in the morning is not enough to tire him out. 
  • Preparing for the Big Oops: How to Build Disaster Recovery Sites for MySQL -- Survey of methods as well as things to have in mind when building a disaster recovery site.  This will cover everything I can think of, not just Tungsten.  
If you do not get your fill from our tutorial, Ed Archibald will also be doing another talk on Tungsten Enterprise explaining how you can build Database-as-a-service using Tungsten.   

Finally, the open source news.  We have been working on getting Tungsten Replicator fully open sourced including features like parallel replication, cool multi-master capabilities, and our fast disk log.  Getting there required jumping through a few hoops internally, but I'm happy to say the jumping is done.  As soon as we finish a couple of merges between branches we will post a full copy of Tungsten Replicator 2.0 on our new home at code.google.com under a GPL V2 license.  

It will take us a while to get used to the new bug tracker, wikis, and forums based on Google Groups, but we should be starting to settle in by 7 April when Giuseppe presents Advanced MySQL Replication for the Masses at the MySQL SFO meetup.  Come visit us!  

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