Aug 24, 2011

First the Blog, now the Webinar: Adding Parallel Replication to MySQL in a Hurry

My recent post on setting up Tungsten parallel replication in a hurry got a lot of hits, though to be fair it was probably not the great writing but the fact that at least one popular MySQL blog posted a link to it.  (Thanks, we like you guys too.)  Anyway, I would like to invite anybody who is interested in parallel replication to attend a webinar on Thursday September 1st at 10am PDT to cover installing and using Tungsten.  It's straight-up technical talk to help you start quickly. 

Bringing up Tungsten on an existing MySQL slave only takes a few minutes, so once we have that out of the way I will explain how Tungsten works inside and show you some of the tricks for getting your applications to play nice with parallel replication as well as how to tune performance.  The idea is to minimize fluffy architectural stuff and maximize lab demos that help you bend replication to your will.  The talk will also cover how to get help, log bugs, and even add your own code.  Plus there will be lots of time for questions.

As most readers of this blog know, Tungsten Replicator is open source (GPL V2) and hosted on  If you miss the webinar you may be able to catch up on parallel replication in-person in London toward the end of October.  I just submitted a talk to the next Percona Live and hope it gets accepted.  If so, see you there!

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