Dec 10, 2012

Slides from Percona Live London and a Request

Percona hosted another excellent Percona Live conference this past December 3-4 in London.  It was my pleasure to deliver 3 talks including the first keynote following Peter Zaitsev.  Percona does a great job of organizing these conferences--this year's London conference was well attended and in an excellent location in Kensington.  My thanks to the entire Percona team for putting this together.

Here are the slides for my talks in case you would like to see them.

Keynote:  Future-Proofing MySQL for the World-Wide Data Revolution -- Covering the greatly exaggerated death of MySQL and design patterns for robust MySQL systems that can last for decades

Talk:  Why, What, and How of Data Warehouses for MySQL -- Why you need a data warehouse for MySQL, some standard choices, and how to move data in real time from MySQL to Vertica.  There was even a demo of sysbench data replicating into Vertica automatically.

Talk:  Multi-Master, Multi-Site MySQL Databases Made Easy with Continuent Tungsten -- How to build clusters that span multiple sites using multi-master and primary/DR techniques.  I did this with Giuseppe Maxia, who did a couple of great demos along the way, including one that I found kind of terrifying to do in front of an audience.   (It involved killing a lot of database servers, something Giuseppe does for a living.)

Speaking of talks, there are many conferences with database tracks coming up in the next few months.  If you have not done a talk on MySQL before I would encourage you to think about submitting for upcoming conferences like future Percona Live events, OSCON, O'Reilly Strata, or one of the many  local meet-ups.  There are many people doing interesting things with open source databases.  It's great to hear your stories, so speak up!

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