Mar 28, 2013

See You at Percona Live 2013!

Percona Live 2013 is coming up fast.  This is hands-down the best MySQL conference of the year, attended by a lot of people I really respect.  Check the speaker list if you need some of their names.  I will also be doing two talks myself.
  • 9am Wednesday 24 April - Keynote:  How MySQL Can Thrive in the World of Massive Data Hype.  NoSQL solutions are oversold, but this is no reason for complacency in the MySQL community.  There are new challenges in data management, and we need to solve them or become irrelevant.   I will show some of the advances Continuent has on tap for MySQL-based applications and also point back to problems our experience shows must be solved within MySQL itself.  
  • 1pm Wednesday 24 April - Session:  State of the Art for MySQL Multi-Master Replication.  This talk will explain the fundamentals of multi-master operation and then trace the trade-offs of Tungsten, Galera, and other solutions.  Thanks to excellent work on several products there is a lot of excitement about multi-master in 2013.  My goal is to help listeners understand what applications are possible now as well as what we have the potential to achieve in the future.  
I hope you will attend these talks.  I am looking forward to meeting old friends at the conference and making new ones.  

Incidentally, Percona Live sent me an email yesterday that you can get a 15% discount on the registration price using  the code KeySQL when you sign up.  At Continuent we are also offering free passes to customers who give us the best quotes about our software.  However you get there, I really recommend this conference.  

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