Feb 20, 2014

No Hadoop Fun for Me at SCaLE 12X :(

I blogged a couple of weeks ago about my upcoming MySQL/Hadoop talk at SCaLE 12X. Unfortunately I had to cancel. A few days after writing the article I came down with an eye problem that is fixed but prevents me from flying anywhere for a few weeks. That's a pity as I was definitely looking forward to attending the conference and explaining how Tungsten replicates transactions from MySQL into HDFS.

Meanwhile, we are still moving at full steam with Hadoop-related work at Continuent, which is the basis for the next major replication release, Tungsten Replicator 3.0.0. Binary builds and documentation will go up in a few days. There will also be many more public talks about Hadoop support, starting in April at Percona Live 2014. I hope you'll consider attending one of our talks there.  It's a great conference.

Since my SCaLE 12X talk won't be happening I would like to repeat the invitation to attend the Continuent webinar on loading from MySQL to Hadoop on Thursday February 27th.  It's essentially the same talk, but no airplanes are involved.

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Joe Daly said...

Hopefully your eye is doing better. Having just been hit in the eye playing soccer I can feel your pain..