Oct 29, 2014

An Ending and a Beginning: VMware Has Acquired Continuent

As of today, Continuent is part of VMware. We are absolutely over the moon about it.

You can read more about the news on the VMware vCloud blog by Ajay Patel, our new boss. There’s also an official post on our Continuent company blog. In a nutshell the Continuent team is joining the VMware Cloud Services Division. We will continue to improve, sell, and support our Tungsten products and work on innovative integration into VMware’s product line.

So why do I feel exhilarated about joining VMware? There are three reasons. 

1.     Continuent is joining a world-class company that is the leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions. Even better, VMware understands the value of data to businesses. They share our vision of managing an integrated fabric of standard DBMS platforms, both in public clouds as well as in local data centers. It is a great home to advance our work for many years to come.

2.     We can continue to support our existing users and make Tungsten even better. I know many of you have made big decisions to adopt Continuent technology that would affect your careers if they turned out badly. We now have more resources and a mandate to grow our product line. We will be able to uphold our commitments to you and your businesses.

3.     It’s a great outcome for our team, which has worked for many years to make Continuent Tungsten technology successful. This includes our investors at Aura in Helsinki, who have been dogged in their support throughout our journey.

Speaking of the Continuent team…I am so proud of what all of you have achieved. Today we are starting a new chapter in our work together. See you at VMware!


Dave Stokes said...

Congratulations! You folks have made it a very long way since the old Emic cluster period.

Max said...

+1 to David, congrats to the whole team!

Robert Hodges said...

Thanks guys! It has been a terrifically long haul with a happy ending. VMware looks like fun to work for, not least of all because we get to work on the same problems but on a grander scale. What's not to like? :)

Justin Swanhart said...


Unknown said...

Great work to you and the team. This should help get this great technology in the hands of an even larger audience now.

Josh Berkus said...

Congratulations, Robert!

Robert Hodges said...

Thanks all!

@Josh, it seems VMware is thick with PostgreSQL folk. I have already exchanged email with Heikki, Jignesh, and Michael Paquier.