Jan 13, 2009

Another Tungsten Replicator Build Is Out...

...Beta-4 to be precise. Downloads are available on the Continuent Forge. You can get more information about Tungsten in general from our community pages.

The Beta-4 build has a number of nice improvements. The best new feature is a utility to look and manage at events in the transaction history log. It's our version of mysqlbinlog but without any funny options to look at row updates.

Speaking of row updates, we now support all standard datatypes used in MySQL 5.1 row events. Error handling now works on the "WALL-E model"--if there's a serious error the Replicator goes into a restartable state called OFFLINE:ERROR and waits for you to bring it back on-line. Recovering from errors is therefore very straightforward and works over the network. Finally, we have several new event filters including one that prints SQL event contents into the system log. That's very handy for debugging. There is also the time delay filter I discussed in the last post on this blog.

For our Beta-5 build we will be improving statement replication, adding full support for heartbeat events, and add some SQL case-mapping filters to make MySQL to Oracle replication work easily. I guess that means I finally need to write a blog article about replicating from Oracle to MySQL.

Please stop by our community site and give the new build a spin.


rpbouman said...


congrats on the new build!

"The best new feature is a utility to look and manage at events in the transaction history log."

I was looking for that, but I couldn't find anything that looked like it. What is the name of this tool? Is it a standalone tool or do does it hook into a running replicator?

thanks and kind regards,


Robert Hodges said...

Hi Roland!

Thank you!

The new tool is simply named 'thl'. It's in the bin directory. Make sure you are using Tungsten replicator beta-4.

Cheers, Robert