Jan 23, 2009

Tungsten Replicator Presentation on 2 Feb in San Francisco

If you want to learn about Tungsten Replicator first hand, I'll be doing a presentation at the February 2nd MySQL Meet-up in San Francisco. With luck I'll be able to demo not only the replicator but also some cool Amazon/RightScale integration we will be introducing in February. Teaser: It's possible to set up database clusters faster in Amazon than on a laptop.

Advance thanks to Mike Tougeron and Rich Nigra for the invite. For people suffering from obsessive curiosity about MySQL replication or database clustering in general, this talk is for you. Hope to see lots of you at the meet-up.


Anonymous said...

Are you working with anyone at RightSscale?

Can I help you with this presentation?


Robert Hodges said...

Hi Ed! We are working with Josh and Thorsten among others. This talk is not so focused on AWS/RightScale but we plan to do another presentation more on that topic later in Feb down in the valley. We would definitely be interested in RightScale participation.