Apr 24, 2009

MySQL Conference Impressions and Slides

"Interesting" was probably the most overused word at the MySQL Conference that just ended yesterday. Everyone is waiting to find out more about the Oracle acquisition of Sun. As a community we need to find some synonyms or things will become very tiresome. Personally I vote for intriguing.

Here are slides for my presentations at the MySQL Conference as well as the parallel Percona Performance is Everything Conference. Thanks to everyone to attended as well as to the organizers. You had wonderful ideas and suggestions.

Finally, some short impressions on the conference. The two most intriguing trends were advances in hardware, especially memory and SSDs, as well as clouds. These are altering the economics of computer in fundamental ways: business costs as well as performance trade-offs in many of the basic algorithms for data management. Combined with the ferment of projects spinning off from MySQL and others, they are fueling an incredible burst of creative thinking about databases.

By comparison, Oracle consuming Sun is merely interesting.

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