Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tungsten Replicator at the 2009 MySQL UC

It's good to get out of the office and meet people. This year I'll be doing several presentations at the 2009 MySQL Conference and adjacent Percona Performance Conference in Santa Clara. These include among others a talk on Tungsten Replicator on Thursday April 23 at 10:50.

In case you don't read this blog regularly, Tungsten Replicator provides advanced open source replication for MySQL. The term "advanced" is not an exaggeration. I'll be covering how to solve practical problems including the following:
  • How to install and configure Tungsten Replicator in 5 minutes or less.
  • How to set up seamless slave promotion after a master fails.
  • How to prevent loss of data from administrative errors using time delay replication.
  • How to identify data inconsistencies using built-in checksums.
  • How to move data from higher to lower MySQL versions.
  • How to reduce slave latency by dropping DDL commands from replicator events.
  • How to recover quickly and easily from statements that fail to replicate properly.
  • How to replicate from MySQL to Oracle as well as things that are not even databases.
There will be some short demos along the way. I hope you'll join me for a fun and informative talk. And please bring interesting replication problems with you!

p.s., For extra credit download Tungsten Replicator and try it out before the talk. I look forward to your questions and comments.

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